Our Mission

Since 2010


To be the leading African shipping line and to provide world-class services to our customers, with a
focus on safety and seafarer welfare.

To invest in Guinea’s growing maritime sector and build a local seafarer community by developing a training platform which will deliver long-term economic benefits for the country.


To be a leader in a new era in African shipping, bringing a fresh approach to people, business and opportunities in order to support Guinea’s economic growth.

What We Do

Long Term Commitment

GSC has a long-term commitment to Guinea’s maritime services sector, and will invest in creating opportunities in this dynamic region.


GSC will look to extend its reach into dry bulk, oil and container trades and help to develop Guinea’s port and logistics infrastructure.

Build partnerships with West African countries

As Africa’s economic and trading power grows with the rest of the world, GSC will look to support the development of trade across West Africa.

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