Our Mission

Since 2010


Notre vision
Participer à l’amélioration du secteur de la logistique en Guinée, en mettant un accent particulier sur les besoins de la nation, du people et des entreprises du pays.

Notre mission
Fournir à la République de Guinée une offre logistique de grande qualité, professionnelle et éthiquement responsable.

Our Vision
To enhance and encourage highest service level of logistics and cargo movement for Guinea with a focus on the nation, it’s people and the customer’s needs.

Our Mission
To provide stable value to the Republic of Guinea and all stakeholders by developing ethically strong long term relationships and by demonstrating high professional performance.

What We Do

Long Term Commitment

GSC has a long-term commitment to Guinea’s maritime services sector, and will invest in creating opportunities in this dynamic region.


GSC will look to extend its reach into dry bulk, oil and container trades and help to develop Guinea’s port and logistics infrastructure.

Build partnerships with West African countries

As Africa’s economic and trading power grows with the rest of the world, GSC will look to support the development of trade across West Africa.

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