Future Plans

GSC has a continuing commitment to help develop Guinea’s maritime industry and is focused on building a sustainable, strong and viable shipping line.

GSC has a long-term commitment to Guinea’s maritime services sector, and will invest in creating opportunities in this dynamic region.

The fleet will comprise a combination of owned and chartered vessels to provide a flexible response to fluctuations in global demand for commoditised raw materials such as bauxite, alumina and iron
ore exported from Guinea.

The main customers of GSC will initially be the mining companies operating in Guinea but we have ambitions to extend our network to other West African countries, with the same philosophy of developing training and enriching the maritime sectors of each country.

Expansion Plans

GSC will form stakeholder alliances in order to improve the port and logistics infrastructure of Guinea and to be a torch bearer for public-private investment.

GSC will build its fleet exponentially to meet demand for a range of raw material exports with ambitions to expand into wet cargo and container shipping.

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